EBOOK: Balance– real-life strategies for work/life balance



12 contributing authors including Robyn Henderson

Is there really any such thing as true work/life balance?

Does constantly striving to achieve a harmonious balance between work and life simply add to our growing stress levels? Many of us are already feeling the extra stress, but we keep trying to juggle our responsibilities, obligations, commitments, needs, wants, desires and passions anyway. If you’ve ever had the feeling that it’s just not working, you’re not alone.

Perhaps it is time to reconsider the concept of work/life balance and look at balance as a journey, not a destination.

In this book, you’ll learn practical, real-life strategies and techniques from a combination of work/life balance experts as well as everyday people, who have designed work/life balance systems that work. These systems have been designed to help you better integrate everything that you need and want to do in your life – all whilst remembering to enjoy the journey along the way. You’ll discover:
· How a lack of balance can contribute to major health issues, and why it’s time to treat balance seriously
· How our obsession with trying to manage time is actually decreasing our ability to manage work and life
· How you can achieve balance without taking a step back in your career.
· How work/life balance can actually improve your productivity.