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Robyn Henderson


Not only is NETWORKING an essential life skill, it is also the most basic business building tool in today’s competitive market. Networking will account for more than 87 per cent of all business in the market place. How effective a networker are you? Global networking specialist, Robyn Henderson, has built a reputation throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Bahrain for getting results.

With over 20 years in the speaking industry, ten years in sales and telemarketing management and thirteen years in hospitality, Robyn has fine tuned her networking and prospecting skills to maximise results and increase productivity.

Author/Publisher of:

  • Networking for $uccess
  • Be Seen, Get Known, Move Ahead – beginners guide to self promotion
  • Networking Magic – 366 hot networking tips
  • Dare to Dream
  • Believe in Your Dreams
  • Are You the VIP in Your Life?
  • Network or Perish
  • How to Master Networking (Revised and Updated)

Contributing Author to :

  • Masters of Networking (USA)
  • Lessons in Leadership
  • Understanding Influence for Leaders at All Levels
  • The Obvious Expert (USA)
  • What My Favourite Teacher Taught Me (Vols 1,2 & 3)
  • How to Write and Sell ebooks
  • Spirituality in The Workplace
  • Balance – Real Life Strategies for Work/Life Balance
  • The Speakers Compass
  • 22 Essentials to Build Your Best Business
  • The Creative Edge – strategies for 24/7 creativity
  • Strategic Networking- your guide to networking excellence
  • How to Run a Successful Business From Home and Stay Sane

Build an Information Empire

In 2019, Robyn revised and updated the Information Empire Model, Version 2, which now includes the key to creating 450+ streams of passive income, once you have written or spoken 500 words… Read more..