How To Build an Information Empire

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How to create 450+ passive income streams once you have written or spoken 500 words.

Robyn Henderson, networking strategist, author, ghost writer and international professional speaker created Version 1 of her Information Empire Model in 2001, which clearly explained once you have written or spoken 500 words, there were 200 activities that you could do to create passive income streams.

Packages range from one on one meetings – face to face or phone, through to online advice. Priced at $550 for the first 30 minutes through to $750 for one hour, $1250 for two hours – Robyn guarantees she can save you the cost of the meeting with her sound advice and ideas. Plus your first hour includes $300 worth of MP3, DVDs, CDs or books relevant to your questions.

In 2019, Robyn revised and updated the Information Empire Model, Version 2, which now includes the key to creating 450+ streams of passive income, once you have written or spoken 500 words.

For the last 3 decades, Robyn has built a reputation as a networking strategist and innovator. She has authored and contributed to 30 books on networking and business development. Having spoken in 13 countries, Robyn knows that it is not what you know, but who knows what you know and creates all her opportunities to her LinkedIn, referrals and her websites and

In this ground breaking, innovative presentation Robyn will share what it takes to be innovative, fail fast and break the rules.


As David Snowden, Chief Scientific Officer from Cognitive Edge says “Repurposing existing capability is a key aspect of innovation”.

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